Blue Barn Chick Orders 2021


Please read our policies CAREFULLY. Breed and Pricing information is at the bottom of the page. 

To place orders or if you have questions, please call Blue Barn at (778) 460-2583 or inquire in person at the Castlegar location.
We are unable to process orders online, through email or social media.
For the 2021 poultry season chicks and turkeys are ONLY available in-store at the Castlegar location.
Our Policies:
  • Single sales of chicks and turkey poults will be available at BLUE BARN from April to July 2021.
  • To fill your specific selections, you are advised to pre-order at least 1 month prior to BLUE BARN's scheduled availability dates.
  • All orders must be prepaid.
  • In the event that your selections are not available, exchange or in-store credit will be provided.
  • NO REFUNDS, credit or exchanges for orders cancelled less than 30 days prior to the start of the availability period, or for orders not picked up by the Tuesday pickup deadline.
  • All prices include Marek's & Coccidiosis vaccinations, and there are no additional shipping charges or taxes. *NOTE: All Bantam breeds and Turkeys are ONLY vaccinated for Coccidiosis.
  • Prices also include in-store care (poulvite, pasty butt treatment, etc) for up to 5 days from delivery from the hatchery.
  • Once picked up, there are no guarantees of health or survivability.
Order Deadlines:
March 30                         Bantam, Heritage, Egg Layers, Meat & Turkey
April 18                            Bantam, Heritage, Egg Layers, Meat & Turkey
May 9                             Bantam, Heritage, Egg Layers, Meat & Turkey
June 13                           Egg Layers, Meat & Turkey