GOO-EEZ All-Season All-Terrain Dog Boots, Black, 4-pack


The ultimate easy-on and stays-on dog boot provides maximum comfort with shock absorption and offers total protection against all weather and surfaces. Sizing chart below.

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Using patented technology, these boots fuse proprietary elastomer gel with a unique, specially woven fabric to provide your dogs with the ultimate experience in paw-wear.

Putting on Goo-eez is easy. The boots expand up to 3 times their normal size, then bounce back into shape, form-fitting to your dog’s paws. Also, the soft interior won’t pinch or pull their fur. Just stretch and go! The best part is once they are on, they stay on, always.

Unlike any other paw-wear out there, Goo-eez have a built-in layer of shock-absorbing, temperature-resistant gel to protect your dog’s paws. Besides being perfect for hot pavement or icy surfaces, Goo-eez have a moulded sole that combines circular grooves with an elastomer blend finishing to make sure your adventurous pet never slips or trips. They are so comfortable your dog will feel they are walking or running on clouds. And since even the hardiest of hounds need pampering, our elastomer gel is infused with aloe to help soften their paws with every step.

Wash in cold water and hang to dry.

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