SAN FRANCISCO BAY Shrimpery Educational Brine Shrimp Kit


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Grow Your Own Brine Shrimp For Baby Fish & Reef Tanks

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Grow Your Own Brine Shrimp For Baby Fish & Reef Tanks

Hatch your own fish food or use it as an educational tool. Includes 3 packets of Hatch Mix. Add water and presto! Not intended to raise shrimp to adult size.

Product Features

  • All-natural
  • Highly nutritious
  • Excellent for fish and reefs
  • Stimulates good growth and enhances the colour of your fish

Small or Baby Freshwater Fish: Egg Laying, Live Bearing, Platys, Tetras and others.

Small Saltwater Fish: Gobies, Blennies and others.

Saltwater Invertebrates: Tridacnid Clams, Crabs, Feather Dusters, Shrimps, Sea Apples and others.

Corals: SPS, LPS and others.

Empty one pack of Hatch Mix into Shrimpery.

2. Using room temperature tap water fill Shrimpery to marker level and collector bottle to brim. Stir contents of Shrimpery until salt is no longer visible at the bottom.

3. Cover collector bottle and Shrimpery. The water level should be higher than the circular ledge in the Shrimpery cover. (add water if necessary)

4. Place the collector bottle (lid side down) into Shrimpery cover. Note: tap top of collector bottle to release air bubble(s) that may be blocking hole in collector lid.

5. within 18 to 40 hours (depending upon temperature) brine shrimp, naturally attracted to light will be seen swimming up into the collector bottle*.

6. Feed your baby fish from the freshwater in the collection bottle. You may collect additional brine shrimp for as long as 24 hours. (to collect more shrimp as often as every 2 hours simply refill the collector bottle with fresh tap water)

*Only the brine shrimp swim up through the hole and are washed free of salt. The saltwater is heavier than fresh water and stays behind.

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